The band-name came from a Looney Toons character, Bugs Bunny's arch-enemy!

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From left: Philip Donnelly, Bernard White, Keith Mansfield, Jody Pollard, John Donnelly ~ thanks to Jody Pollard


Vocals: Bernard White
Lead Guitar:
Philip Donnelly
2nd Guitar:
Jody Pollard
Bass: Keith Mansfield
Jimmy Mahon / John Donnelly

Mansion house 1970: Nicky Ryan (sound), Philip Donnelly, Jody Pollard, Benny White, Keith Mansfield.

Fudd (they had dropped "Elmer" from their name) playing to 20,000 rock fans at The Oval cricket ground in England.
From left: Jody Pollard, Bernard White, John Donnelly, Keith Mansfield, Dave Lennox.

From left: John Donnelly, Jody Pollard, Bernard White, Philip Donnelly, Keith Mansfield
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