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The first getting together of these guys from Loughrea, I reckon 1971. Called The Israelites, from Left Padraig O'Loughlin on lead, Gordon Crowe on rhythm, Pat Lawless on bass, Willie Shaw on guitar and keyboard and Joe O'Loughlin on drums. Out front is lead singer Joe Finnerty. Playing stuff like Creedence, T Rex, Rory Gallagher, The Stones etc. Played nearly every saturday night in Nenagh tennios club for a year or so and around county galway and mayo
I found this copy of an acknowledgment letter from the Biafra Famine appeal. Dated 1969 it was in the Temperance Hall Loughrea, some interesting names on the Sponsors of the appeal - Garret Fitzgerald, Cearbhal O' Dalaigh. 9 quid seems very little but it was probably the admission money from about 100 kids.

Town/Village/County: Loughrea, County Galway

Vocals: Joe Finnerty
Lead Guitar:
Padraig O'Loughlin
Pat Lawless
Drums: Joe O'Loughlin
Willie Shaw
2nd Guitar:
Gordon Crowe
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