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Thanks to Tiger Taylor for line-up and discography.

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The Banshees were resident band for a year in the mid 60's in Belfast's "Boom Boom Room." Lead female vocalist was Dinkie O'Day and they toured many of the US bases in continental Europe. The original lead singer, Mel Austin left in 1965 and was replaced by Paul Stevens (top left) and the bandleader was guitarist, Peter Douglas. Sax player was Philip Denvir (RIP) and the bass player was Fred Hull. They released a single, "I Got A Woman" on Columbia records in 1964 and another, "Yes, Indeed," in 1965.

Town/Village/County: Belfast

Vocals: Dinkie O'Day / Mel Austin
Lead Guitar:
Tiger Taylor
2nd Guitar:
Peter Douglas
Fred Hull
Keyboards: Wesley Black
Gerry McAuley
Discography: I Got A Woman, Big Building, Yes Indeed (Columbia)
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