The Story of The
College Boys

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George O'Hara (guitar), Roy Huston (vocals), Will McKinney (bass), Lindsay Lunney (drums) and Ronnie Parks (sax/keyboards) formed The College Boys in the early 1960s. The band was managed by Sammy Smyth, who also managed the Floral Hall and Romano's ballroom in Belfast.  

In 1964, the band expanded to a seven piece with Joe McGreevey (trumpet) and David McLean (sax) joining. Meanwhile, George O'Hara was replaced by Gerry Martin and Roy Huston was replaced by Leslie Fullerton (Chris St.Clair).

In early 1967 The College Boys released their first single, Good Times. A few months later Leslie left and Teddie Palmer who had previously been with the group Teddie and the Tigers took over the lead vocals spot. Joe Campbell (trombone) also joined around this time, replacing David McLean. In March of 1968, the band release Simon Says, which would probably have been a huge hit if it had not also been covered by Dickie Rock and The Miami.

Vocals: Chris St. Clair, Joe McGreevey, Teddie Palmer
Lead Guitar:
Gerry Martin
Wills McKinney
David McClean
Ronnie Parkes
Organ/vocals: Leslie Fullerton
Lindsay Lunny
T. J. Byrne


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