Harvest emanated from The Ventures Showband and though Mary Lou was marketed as a 'teen country sensation', she was more at home with pop and standards. If you would like to write a piece about Harvest, if you can fill any of the spaces in the line-up, if you were a member of the band or if you have a different photo to those on this page, please let us know by clicking on the Contact button below. Comments and memories of friends, band-members and fans will be published on this page.

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From the back cover of their debut single, 'The Teddy-Bear Song', which had been a hit in the USA
for Barbara Fairchild and Gordon Lightfoot's 'Cotton Jenny'.


Lead Vocals: Mary-Lou / Helen McCaffrey / Billy Jo
Lead Guitar:
2nd Guitar:
Connie Lynch / George Hilliard

When Colm Hughes left to join Paddy Cole's Superband, Harvest were taken over by Connie Lynch.
The line-up showed some changes in personnel and was reduced to a 5-piece plus Mary Lou.

After Mary-Lou, Helen McCaffrey fronted Harvest. The tailor was released with a caution!
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