La Bamba

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Town/Village/County: Sligo

Lead Vocals/Accordion: Michael Gilmartin
Lead Guitar:
Michael 'Ripper' Carty
2nd Guitar/Vocals:
Seamus 'Ski' Foy
Joe McDonagh
Sax/Clarinet: Paul McManus / Noel McGowan
Tommy Conlon
James Scott
These are the people in the photograph from left to right: Michael 'Ripper' Carty, Joe McDonagh, Paul McManus, 'Ski' Foy, Noel McGowan, Michael Gilmartin and Tommy Conlon.

The showband was originally called 'The Heartbeats', but when they joined the Irish Federation of Musicians, we had to change the name to The La Bamba Showband, as there was a Dublin Band also called The Heartbeats. They became P2.

The photograph on your website was taken in the mid-1980s. The band was active from c. 1962 to mid-1969. The band played mainly in the Connacht counties along with Donegal, Cavan and Longford. The original line up of the band appeared in a documentary on BBC television in 1964.

by Joe McDonagh

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