Maurice Lynch

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Town/Village/County: Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan

Lead Vocals: Audie Heaney / Gloria Smith
Lead Guitar:
2nd Guitar:
Don Sherry
Paddy Cole / Derek McCluskey
Maurice Lynch / John Beattie

From left: Gloria Smith, Derek McCluskey, Butch McNeill (married to Patrice, Gloria's sister) Maurice Lynch, Don Sherry (married to Gloria) Gerry Kennedy and Pat Cumiskey.
"My name is Bridget Darby originally from Trim, Co Meath. I am 63, divorced, retired and living near Guadalajara in Mexico.  Thanks to youtube I stumbled on footage of Maurice Lynch and remembered the fun I had as a fan all those years ago!  Around 1964 I worked at the Aclare House Hotel in Drumconrath, Co Louth.  Drumconrath is the home of Gerry Muldoon, his family ran the local post office there!  Gerry invited me to a gig in County Down, I remember crossing the border and being asked if I was carrying anything!!  I left Ireland in 1965 to go to England and lost touch with so many."
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