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a poem by James McElroy - poet laureate to the O'Connor clan.

The flowerets dazzled by the rill when summertime was nigh,
And on the branch the songbird sang its ditty to the sky,
When by the waters mellowed banks a strolling 'neath the moon,
Iheard the sounds of other days of melodies in tune,

It was the mighty Rhythm Stars that sounded once again,
And all along the river's bank and way up in the glen,
The notes did sound as ecstasy and blended in sweet tune,
And brought me back to other days in far off sunny June,

When on the rostrum's swaying deck with saxophone in hand,
The gallant Stephen Treacy that led that noble band,
With brothers Al and Sylvie and Liam and Len there too,
While Aidan played the marshall airs on trumpet sweetly blew,

None fairer could have graced the deck or thrilled an irish hall,
With dulcet tones and sweet encore than Lane, the pride of all,
With Clark to strum the gay guitar, none better in the land,
And to conclude on fiddle, McDermot graced the band,

And as I stroll along the banks and hear that sound again,
And sweeter as I wander it echoes up the glen,
For memories come a flowing back to link the former years,
And old acquaint, depart and gone, are mingled with my tears,

But still the sound is magic and famous o'er the land,
The gallant Stephen Treacy and his mighty rhythm band

Town/Village/County: Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon

Lead Vocals: Mike Clarke
Lead Guitar:
Sylvester Treacy
2nd Guitar:
Liam Treacy
Mick Tyrrell
Aidan Treacy
Sax/Clarinet: Gerald Treacy / Michael Keane
Lenny Treacy
Al Treacy
Benny Madden / Stephen Treacy
Selected Discography
"I grew up as a child in Ballintubber and well remember Sylie & Al leaving school early to go to perform in towns far away.

We all looked forward to the annual carnival and an attraction, for me, was when the Rhythm Stars were playing the band would often play soccer in the hall that same evening. Some fine soccer players they were to.

No one would argue with Sylvie as he was as tough as nails –despite being the youngest, plus no one could kick a ball as hard as Al. Myself and John Boyle worked out where he got his shooting strength from one night while watching him on the drums – all that pumping with his right foot on the big drum did the trick.

Aidan was one of my favourites, always happy and in good form."

Sean Mc Keon

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