Seen by many as Ireland's top showband, The Royal from Waterford set the standard for all other showbands.

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Town/Village/County: Waterford

Lead Vocals: Brendan Bowyer / Lee Lynch / Barbara Dixon / Derrick Mehaffey
Lead Guitar:
Jim Conlon / Fergus Burke
2nd Guitar:
Tom Dunphy / Billy Hopkins
Eddie Sullivan / Mike Healy
Sax/Clarinet: Michael Coppinger
Brendan Bowyer
Charlie Matthews
Gerry Cullen / Arthur Madden
T. J. Byrne


Singles | 45 r.p.m.

His Master's Voice
1962: POP(I)1011 - Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly / I Heard The Bluebird Sing
1962: POP(I)1070 - Marta / Bless Your Heart My Darling
1963: IP1293 - Kiss Me Quick / Love Thee Dearest
1963: IP1294 - Theme From The One Nighters / Goodbye And God Bless You
1963: POP(I)1238 - No More / Fountain Of Love
1964: IP1295 - Bless You (For Being An Angel) / California Sun
1964: POP(I)1377 - I Ran All The Way Home / Hucklebuck
1965: IP1296 - If I Didn't Have A Dime / What Will My Mary Say
1965: IP1301 - Don't Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes / Hawaiian Wedding Song
1965: POP1444 - She Was You Again / Count Me In
1965: POP1481 - The Wonder Of You / Fun Fun Fun
1966: IP1306 - One Way Street / Everything I Touch Turns To Tears
1966: HPOP(I)1505 - I Know What It's Like (To Have Loved) / My Little Girl
1966: POP(I)1521 - The Fly / Answer Me
1966: IP1304 - I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart / Can I Forget You
1966: IP1305 - Somewhere My Love / Spanish Lace
1967: IP1307 - Time And The River/ Younger Than Springtime
1967: IP1308 - The Rapparee / Whistling Phil McHugh

1967: KG1059 - Da Do Run Run / Sitting In The Sun
1967: KG1065 - Look Into My Teardrops / Between The Window and the Phone
1967: KG1066 - The Holy City / Silent Night
1968: KG1078 - Lady Willpower / Woman Woman

1968: DOS19 - Same Old Song / Come On Let's Go

1970: 7N.17905 - Both Sides Now / My Way
1970: 7N.45024 - Sweet Caroline / Kentucky Woman

1970: RL.547 - 500 Miles / Doc Brown
1972: RL.655 - Stand By Your Man / Me and Bobby Magee / Four and Twenty Hours
1974: RL.710 - Visions / All My Love

1971: IDB.797 - No One Can Break A Heart Like You / My Child


His Master's Voice
1964: The Royal Showband, Waterford - SEGC.30
A: So Deep Is The Night / From the Bottom of My Heart; B: Dear Waste Basket / C'mon Everybody

His Master's Voice
1964: HMV 1779 - The One Nighters
1967: HMV 3620 - The Best Of The Royal

1968: KGL 4008 - The Stardust Show

Pye Golden Guinea
1970: GSGL 10456 - Ireland Calls

1976: EMI 1046 - The Royal Showband Story

1962, Locarno Ballroom, Coventry - Admission 6/6


The One Nighters - 1963 | 48 minutes

One of the genuine oddities of the early 1960’s, but one which grew out of familiar subject matter and gave a fascinating insight into the ‘new’ Ireland, was The One-Nighters. The film follows the adventures of the popular Royal Showband on tour, pre-empting Richard Lester’s 'A Hard Day’s Night' - in its depiction of its subjects as a group of happy-go-lucky ‘kids’ with hardly defined semi-comic personae.

- Harvey O’Brien, The Real Ireland: Evolution of Ireland in Documentary Film


Taken not long before the formation of the Big 8. From left: Gerry Cullen, Brendan Bowyer, Michael Coppinger,
Jim Conlon, Charlie Matthews, Eddie Sullivan, Tom Dunphy

Pavilion Theatre, Liverpool 8.00pm, Monday 2 April 1962 (51 years ago) This was The Beatles' only live appearance at the Pavilion Theatre, which was situated on Lodge Lane in Liverpool.

The group shared a bill with the Royal Waterford Showband, who flew in from Ireland for the engagement. The event was promoted by local variety agent Jim Gretty, and was The Beatles' only live appearance at the theatre, known locally as the "Pivvy". They were paid £5 for their appearance.

The Pavilion Theatre was better known as a striptease venue, although The Quarrymen did take part in skiffle contests there in the late 1950s. It was after one such event that drummer Colin Hanton left the group.

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