Jim Farley & The

A commendable project by Jim Farley and T. J. Byrne but unfortunately, expecting promoters and ballroom owners to pay for 23 performers was never going to work when they were used to paying for 6 and 7-piece bands.

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Back: Rita Madigan, Barney Skillen, Micheal Keane, Frank Doyle, John Farley, Marco Petrassi, unknown, unknown.
Middle: John Ross, Mark Mitchell, Des Reynolds, unknown, unknown, Bob Steele, Johnny Anderson.
Front: Jean Burke, unknown, Stephanie Elliott, unknown, unknown, Terry Mahon, Tina, Jim Farley
(Thanks to Joe Dodd).

Town/Village/County: Dublin

Vocals: Tina / John Ross / Terry Mahon
Lead Guitar:
Barney Skillen
2nd Guitar:
John Farley / Marco Petrassi
Sax/Clarinet: Jim Farley
Johnny Anderson / Bob Steele

Dessie Reynolds
Michael Keane
T. J. Byrne

Discography: soon

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