You've the possibility to format the text of your entry with the pseudo HTML elements of the table below. Every BBCode element starts with a [ so if you want to print this character instead of a BBCode element you must write [[ !

BBCode usage:
  [element]text to format[/element]
or short form:
  [element]text to format[/]
Link: []Example link[/url] =
Example link
Bold: [b]Example text[/b] =
Example text
Italic: [i]Example text[/i] =
Example text
Underlined: [u]Example text[/u] =
Example text
Quote: [quote]Example text[/quote] =
Example text
Left: [left]Example text[/left] =
Example text
Font: [font=arial, verdana, palatino linotype, gill sans mt, georgia, trebuchet, lucida sans unicode,]Example text[/font] =
Example text