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Johnny I don't know if this of interest to you or not. I played a birthday party yesterday inn Toms River New jersey USA. Anyway the sroty goes people came from every where in the states for this 80 year old Dublin lad. The people that caome from New york were telling me about a place in spin that have a C/W and Trad for week or two in April. they said it was magic music from 10 am to what ever. music in the halls /Pub/ under trees. 1300 people all week he said it was just magic and all kind a singers get up. it sounded like my kinda place, now i make a living out og singing and playing but i don't want to sing every song, to hell with that. Did you ever hear of such a place or week. he soid he email me with more info on it. I think Tommy Flynn /Johnny/ Mike not sure but it a travel agentcy.Got to run L/P Willie lynch NJUSA

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