tom e. king
23.04.2008 - 20:55:56 - (

hi robert and thanks. i tried 4 years to get back in touch with wee harry but with no luck. it was a great shock to myself and my wife to find out that harry had gone , gone i say robert but not was a privilage for me to know and work with him, one of the greats. take care robert all the best in the future regards, tom

Robert Magee (Crockett)
05.05.2008 - 05:39:15 - (

Hi Tom, I also tried a few years back to get in contact with Harry but to no avail. As you say he was a great Guitarist and a very nice person and friend. I've been trying to find "Alan Jones" manager of the Oceans & I believe of the Scholars ( and and and) An Irish girl from Dublin now living in Belgium, phoned me trying to contact him. She used to arrange accomodation etc. etc. for Alan & the band. take care & regards Crockett.

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