willie lynch
13.06.2005 - 15:54:32 - host-24-225-221-3.patmedia.net (

Fran Great job we are all back on track thnaks to you. I love the Showband and beat Group picture Page with the Y on the road looks magic. Get back in the van lads we are almost there.By the way Joe dodd How did that tape turn out any live Deep set at the Sallynoggon hop or Top Hat. Willie lynch NJUSA. P/L

Francis K.
13.06.2005 - 23:51:51 - 159-134-144-253.as1.mvw.galway.eircom.net (

That crossroads is actually just 200 metres from my own house Willie! Which direction do the ballad-groups go? Down the manhole!

Joe Dodd
03.07.2005 - 19:44:31 - 213-94-133-201.as1.wxd.wexford.eircom.net (

Willie Lynch
I have listened to the tape but the quality is not great, I am not sure if its the Dun Laoghaire Town Hall you may remember Matt Driscoll ran the dance and Dick Merrigan and myself booked the bands, or it may have been at the Caroline Club some of the tracks are ok but most of them are poor. regards JD

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