peter joy
11.02.2010 - 10:39:55 - (

brilliant roundup of the good old days of the showband era,brings back lots of memeries,used to work in the atlantic ballroom in tramore,waterfo rd.derek joy was my brother,great times,d j curtain ,jimmy foley what musicians,wonde r if you could tell me if you have any imfo on tony adam rosa who played guitar in dereks band around the pub scene in the 70s.the bands lineup then was.derek joy(vocals)tony adam rosa(guitar)jim my foley(bass)tomm y doyle(drums)wha t days they were.keep up the fantastic work,im still only wading through all of your terrific news and pictures.all the best for now peter joy

joan kinsella
03.06.2010 - 21:13:49 - (

great told us what happened to all the members of the band when they broke up except greg donaghy...what became of him...l'd love to know

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