Lynne (Thompson) Hamilton
20.08.2006 - 14:31:59 - (

My sister Jill and I were sitting talking about the good old days yesterday 18th August 2006 and as we do we always end up talking about the showbands (the best days of our lives)and remembering everyone and thinking where are they now? Joe Geoghegan's name came up along with others such as Eric Murray also of the Dreams then I came upon this site and found your letter . Good to know you are keeping well and enjoying life down under. You probobly wont remember us we are from Belfast and followed the band everywhere from Donegall to Cork and every town in between, you had a nickname for Jill (bobbysox) please get in touch

jo geoghen
22.08.2006 - 08:52:34 - (

lovly to see you doing so well long may it last after all the years of happyness yous give to others if only we could turn back the clock bobbysocks

22.08.2006 - 09:06:44 - (

glad that life has been good to you after all the happy years you give to others in the dance halls if only we could turn back time bobbysocks

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