Roy Addinell
18.08.2011 - 13:58:38 - (

As a former member of the "Green Angels" I am curious as to what the other members are doing these days.

I am aware that Gerry passed away, but have no knowledge of the other members, is there any chance of an up-date on these?
I may be addressing George Dillon? As I believe he has this matter in hand, if so, I would love to hear from you George? Cheers, Roy Addinell.

Also, many years ago, around 40 I guess, the Johnny Quigley Band played a session at R.T.E. Dublin. If I remember correctly, Dusty Springfield was the guest singer. On this show, I played a Trumpet Solo, a rendition of Harry James's "Carnival of Venice" If any one out there just might have a copy, tape, or whatever, it would please me greatly to receive a copy of same broadcast.
Thank you for your patience in reading this diatribe, it may be that I have been forgotten, who knows?
Cheers, Roy Addinell.

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