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I was sent the photos of the Secrets Showband from Newcastle Co Down.This related to the Secrets links with The Miami through Brian McCoy.
Brian was lead singer and trumpet with the Secrets .He was a great friend and a great musician.I remember well the night the Miami management arrived in Newcastle to hear the band and I think we all knew that the interest was in Brian.Anyway-he went off to great success with the Miami and then was tragically killed in the atrocity outside Banbridge
The Secrets formed in 1967 as a breakaway from the Pioneers who were resident in the Central Ballroom in Newcastle.
The band enjoyed much success until 1970 or so when cabaret started to take over and the decline in the showban era was underway.
The line up in the second photo -left to right is
Dougie Stevenson-Drums -still playing a little
Paddy McSherry-Sax/vo cals-still entertaining around Armagh
Mark Scott-lead vocals-became compere in Talk of Town night club with the Marksmen
Jackie McKnight-Sax
Derek Hall-guitar -vocals-died several years ago
Gerry McWhinney-bass- vocals-became band leader of Marksmen and Nitelife now playing blues with Ronnie Greer duo and trio
Billy Gray-Trombone and band leader-a mentor and influence on us all-now dead
Ronnie Greer-Lead guitar-became dedicated to the blues and now top bluesman in Northern Ireland

Good memories

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