Patsy Fayne Brichta
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Sarah, just saw your post and I may be able to help. If you mean The Kanaverals from Roscommon in the 1960's then I still have a bandcard from them. About 1965/66 they broke up and most of them joined The Exciters, also from Roscommon. The guys I remember were P J Naughton (tenor sax/vocals), Billy Garvin (trumpet), Frank Beirne ( I forget what instrument he played), and Pat ? who played guitar but gave it up to become manager for the Exciters.

Hope your grandad is one of those guys. I played bass guitar for a short time with The Exciters when the merge took place. I live in Southern California now and just recently started to play again with an American group here in Coronado, just across the bay from San Diego. Hope this helps.

Patsy Fayne Brichta
P.S. By any chance are your parents John and Annette Muldoon? If so then please tell them I said hello...

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