Phil Palmer
09.11.2015 - 12:59:47 - (

Sorry - this is not about music, by i'm trying to find my old flatmate Mick lawless. I think he was from Tuam. Not the young M. L., I guess Mick would now be 65 (same age as me)
he worked for a year (c. 1970) for Barclays Bank D.C.O. in the City of London, which is how I knew him.
He went back to Ireland c. 197071. I think he got a job ''digging holes for telegraph poles'' !!

Tell him Phil Palmer would like to get back in touch if anyone knows a 65 M.L. !!!

Phil Palmer

ivor gordon
09.01.2016 - 12:37:16 - (

my first band was "the saints" from portstewart. i played bass, the late trevor smyth on rhythn guiter, teddy doherty on lead guiter and vocals, the late colin kirkpatrick on drums, then i joined "the pillar boys", that was granville pillar on drums and vocals, stanley pillar on guitar and vocals, me on bass, the late james atchison on keyboards /guiter, we packed kellys portrush every night we played, then i joined with " honeywood" derek shirlow keyboards and vocals, stanley pillar guitar and vocals, adrian culbertson on guitar, and me on bass, then i joined the" scene showband, but left after my great friend james atchison, was drowned in spain,

Noel Smyth
04.09.2016 - 14:48:50 - (

The Duanes were brilliant,
well done,
Noel Smyth.

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