Ray Cremin
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Vards show and cork the rest of the band members are as follows
lead guitar Finbarr O'Mahony 2nd guitar Johnnie O'Connor bass guitar Ray Cremin trumpet Gus Gallagher sax/clarinet Harry Connolly trombone Sean Caulfield drums Jim Barry manager Matt Nodwell.

Andrew Atkinson
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Eddie White's Memoirs of the Showband Era.
Hello Eamon, I am writing a Biography on Eddie White, whom you managed during his career.
If you have any memories and photos of Eddie I would be grateful if you could let me have them for the publication.
Andrew Atkinson.

Anyone know of any members of Donnie Col
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Anyone know where are members of Donnie Collins band when Shaun Odowd played with them drummer was Stevie Donoghue

Dick Tynan Regarding Johnny Butler Orc
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Johnny Butler would take great exception to the term SHOWBAND! When I quizzed him in New York as to why he left Ireland at the top of his career he retorted: To escape the Showband Plague! Johnny went on to have a very successful second career as resident Band in the Tuxedo Ballroom on 86 St in New York. He worked Thu to Sun inclusive, also just about every Sat at wedding engagements.Dur ing his time in the States his Band copped a very prestiguous Best 7 Piece Band In New York in competition. He had a top vocalist Kay Hart.

Editor's note: Johnny Butler is NOT listed as a showband but as a dance band. http://www.iris hshowbands.net/ pg_butlerjohnny .htm

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