There were a few "Coasters" dotted around Ireland, this was the Athenry version (formerly Finian & The Omegas). Frank Donoghue went on to play with The Astronauts and The Swingtime Aces. Frank passed away aged 57 in September 2006. Tom Howley played with the first incarnation of Rodney's Glory before retiring from the music business. Finian Thomas joined The Bandits, then The Fleet and latterly, Boys 'n' Girls. He died in Canada aged only 28. Francis Kennedy hosts this website having soldiered with Liam Ivory, The Swingtime Aces, The Works and Brendan Shine's Band.

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From left: Francis Kennedy, Frank Donohue, Tom Howley, Finian Thomas

Town/Village/County: Athenry, Galway

Lead Guitar:
Frank Donohue
2nd Guitar:
Finian Thomas
Francis Kennedy / Colm Kavanagh
Drums: Tom Howley / Des Thomas
Richard Murphy

Christy Daly

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