The Uptown Band (Dublin)

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From left: Paddy Nash, Dick O'Leary, Bob Bolton, Mojo and Brendan Bonass.
Lead Guitar: Brendan Bonass
2nd Guitar: Dick O'Leary
Bass: Brush Shiels
Drums: Paddy Nash
Piano/Organ: Dave 'Mojo' Lennox
Manager: Larry Mooney

"The date of the line-up in the photo above was 1967. In the summer of that year, Pat Nash and Bren Bonass took a fortnight's holiday in Spain without giving the other members much notice. I had known Brush (or Brendan as he was known at that time) for many years and had played with him in numerous bands, so I was his first proposal to the band as a replacement. His idea was accepted. During that fortnight we did a lot of gigs and they went well. The feeling within the band as I recall was that the personnel change should be permanent, as Paddy and Mojo liked the shift in playing style of the band as a whole, and particularly as the short holiday notice still annoyed some of the guys. However, when Bren and Paddy returned from holiday, they met with Mojo and Paddy's father, Cecil Nash in the Chair. The outcome was that Brush was sacked. That left Brush and me bandless. Our joint kneejerk reaction was to get a band together which would obliterate every other band in Dublin. We got Noel Bridgeman on drums in what was his first band, and went hunting for Phil Lynott and that was how Skid Row formed. We had our first rehearsal in a condemned house (with scaffolding poles holding up the ceiling and one single working socket outlet on a dangling flex) off Lower Dorset Street. The first number we tried was Hendrix's Manic Depression - a rare 'hairs standing on the back of your neck' moment for me. It was one of those times when you just know."

~ Ben Cheevers

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