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Abbott - Guthrie (see also H-O and P-Z)


Abbott, Roy: Interns, Cheese   
Adams, Jim: Iron Horse
Adams, Mike: Difference, Ravens, Good Tymes, Cool School   
Addinell, Roy: Johnny Quigley, Green Angels
Adler, Peter: Bluesville, Action, Next In Line   
Ahearne, Liam: Vanguard Six  
Ahearne, Mog: Caravelles, Greenbeats, Aesop's Fables   
Aherne, Mick: Regal, Arrivals  
Aherne, Will: Golden Eagles, Arrivals   
Ainscough, Peter: Jack Barrett, Express  
Allen, Denis: Embers, Bojangle, Berwyn, Monarchs, Top League  
Allen, Merve: High Seas, Jimmy Johnston, Clipper Carlton  
Allen, Tom: Nightrunners, Mainliners
Allen, Tony: Nightrunners
Anderson, Alan: Crypt 
Anderson, Gerry: Beaumont 7, Chessmen  
Anderson, Johnny: Dave Glover, Johnny Quigley 
Andrews, Ian: Capri, Flair  
Arkins, Charlie: Cotton Mill Boys   
Arlon, Deke: Tara   
Armstrong, Billy: Laganmen  
Armstrong, Freddie: Claxton, Buckaroos 
Armstrong, Herbert: Wheels, Them
Armstrong, Jim: Melotones, Them
Arnold, Brendan: Royal Blues
Arrigan, Michael: Southern Stars
Ashford, Paul: Chosen Few, Miami, Stepaside
Aston, Alan: Oceans
Atkins, Jim: Royal Aces
Atkins, Tom: Royal Aces
Aughey, Sid: Drifters, Times
Austin, Mel: Banshees, Sinners, Jimmy Johnston, Casino
Averill, Robin: Breakaways, Signs, College Boys
Aylward, Jim: Voxenaires, Cowboys



Bacon, John: Dublin Showband 
Bagnall, Mick: Country Folk 
Baker, Vinny: Firehouse, Plainsmen, Times, Real Country 
Ballagh, Robert: Chessmen  
Bamber, Joe: Martells 
Bannon, Gene: Pat Campbell, Millionaires, Times 
Bardon, Peter: Greenbeats  
Barr, Ronnie: Flair
Barrett, Billy (Galway): Galway Blazers, Astrals, Raindrops
Barrett, Billy (Mayo): Dominoes
Barrett, Don: Dominoes
Barrett, Terry: Brose Walsh, Arcadians, Thunderbeats
Barrett, Tony: Blue Clavons
Barrett, Tony: Saints
Barron, John: Savoy
Barry, Gene: Assassins, Saints
Barry, Jim: Memories
Barry, John: Des-Etts 
Barry, Kay: Diplomats
Barry, Larry: Avengers, Savoy 
Barry, Liam: Paramount, Cameo
Barry, Seán: Dublin Showband
Bartley, Jim: Raindrops
Barton, Adrian: Skyrockets
Barton, Alan: Cotton Mill Boys, Margo, Spyder Simpson, Mary Duff
Barton, Johnny: Clubmen, Tigermen
Bastick, Johnny: Nightrunners
Battle, Wesley: Teenbeats
Baumann, Dessie: Royal Aces
Bayle, Jack: Odeon
Beales, Ray: Trend 
Beattie, Harry: Capri  
Beattie, Jim: Martells 
Beattie, John: Maurice Lynch, Mainliners
Beck, Wilson: Marvettes
Becker, Frankie: Blue Diamond, Michael Foley Combo 
Beckett, Maurice: Jimmy Johnston 
Begley, Shay: Fiesta
Beggs, Lovatt: Cosmos 
Behan, Willie: News
Bell, Crawford: California Brakemen
Bell, Eric: Earth Dwellers, Bluebeats, Shannon, Shades of Blue, Emeralds, Dreams, Thin Lizzy, Eric Bell Band
Bell, John: Spectres 
Belton, Mickey: Swallows, Magic Band
Berkenheier, Ernie: Airchords
Bernie, Joe: Kevin Bourke, Leaders, Swingtime Aces, Magic Band
Berrill, Gene: Farmers Sons 
Berry, Carthage: Crackaways
Bible, Val: Decca
Bible, Vic: Decca
Bingham, Billy: Laganmen, Emeralds
Bingham, Jim: Strands 
Bingham, Roy: Strands 
Bingham, Stuart: Candy, Sunshine, Lyttle People 
Birch, Bo: Grenadiers
Bird, Ollie: Firehouse
Black, Gerry: Hilton, Seasons, Big Valley, Finnavons
Black, Karen: Nevada
Black, Leslie: Banshees
Black, Pat: Monaco
Blackledge, Johnny: Sounds
Blackman, David:  Spectres
Blacoe, Angela: Firehouse
Blake, Paddy: Gazette Bland
Blake, Donal: Knights
Blaney, Tony: Clouds (Downpatrick)
Bogan, Tony: Miami  
Boggins, Austin (Perky): Hot Air Machine, Red Hurley, Sheeba
Boland, Buddy: Uptown Band, Cotton Mill Boys, Buckshot
Boland, Greg: Supply, Demand & Curve
Boland, Liam: Crackaways 
Boland, Maurice: Kingbees
Bollard, Joe: Jack Ruane
Bolton, Bob: Uptown Band, Rollintones, Some People 
Bolton, Pat: Lions
Bonass, Brendan: Uptown Band, Inmates, Kult, Stepaside
Bond, Jim: Memphis
Bonnar, Teddy: Regent
Bonner, Billy: Coasters, Barristers  
Bonner, Des: Caravelles
Bonner, Jackie: Coasters, Barristers  
Bonner, Joe: Coasters, Barristers  
Boston, Derek: Light, Watchtower
Bourke, Johnny: Des Fretwell
Bourke, Kevin: Royal Chords
Bourke, Roger: Others
Bowers, Danny: Martells 
Bowers, Paddy: Martells 
Bowes, Denis: Tomorrow's People
Bowles, Billy: Crickets
Bowler, Dennis: Sun Valley Boys
Bowman, Derek: Royal Aces
Bowyer, Brendan: Royal, Big 8
Boy, Paddy: Silver Pennies
Boyce, Josie: Regent  
Boyd, Billy: Gentry
Boyd, Carson: Marvettes
Boyd, Morris: Cosmos 
Boylan, Frank: Creatures, News, Mellow Candle
Boylan, Joe: Vanguard Six 
Boyle, Aidan: Statesiders, Tahiti  
Bracken, Frank: Crackaways
Bradley, Bill: Woodchoppers
Bradley, Gerry: Graduates
Bradley, Janet: Stardust 
Bradley, John: Panpipers
Bradley, Stewart: Flint
Brady, Al: Cyclones
Brady, Billy: Jack Barrett, Clipper Carlton 
Brady, Frank: Blackbirds Condon, Billy: Hillbillies
Condon, Tony: Blue Aces, Paragon 7
Brady, Kevin: Blackbirds, Hoedowners, Caroline, Spotlights
Brady, Liam: Cyclones 
Brady, Mickey: Mighty Avons
Brady, Noel: Indians 
Brady, Patrick: Cromwell, Establishment
Brady, Paul: Inmates, Kult, Rootzgroop, Rockhouse
Brady, Peter: Blackbirds, Casino
Brady, Terry: Chessmen
Braiden, Pat: Jimmy Dunny, Kings
Branigan, Martin: Mexicans, Light, Green County, Granny's Intentions, Miami, Big 8
Brasil, Gay: Voxenaires, Cowboys, Tweed
Brattan, Harold: Arabs  
Brattan, Jim: Globetrotters
Bray, Vincent: Pat Burke 7 
Breen, Fran: Crossroads, Sheeba 
Breen, Jimmy: Casino, Madrid
Breen, Kevin: Linesmen  
Breen, Willie: Crickets
Brennan, Billy: Laredo
Brennan, Eddie: Clefonaires
Brennan, Frank: Clefonaires 
Brennan, Joe: Oriole
Brennan, John: Word, Dave Prim Band 
Brennan, Leo: Slieve Foy
Brennan, Michael: Crackaways
Brennan, Mickey: Clefonaires, Jack Ruane, Victors
Brennan, Noel: Midnighters 
Brennan, Peter: Boothouse
Brennan, Robbie: Rootzgroop, Good Tymes, Chosen Few, Skid Row
Brennan, Seamus: Crackaways, Assassins
Bridgeman, Noel: Granny's Intentions, Skid Row, News
Briggs, Stan: Others
Brogan, John: San Antones
Brogan, Seamus: Regent, Palladin 
Brogan, Vin: San Antones
Brogan, Willie: Bandits
Brooks, Leslie: Oceans
Brophy, Brendan: Transit
Brosnan, Billy: Ambassador 7 
Brough, Louis: Des Furlong 
Brown, Alex: Regent, High Seas
Brown, Billy: Billy McFarland, Freshmen, Billy Brown Band, Brown & O'Brien
Brown, Garrett: Dave Prim Band, Medium Wave Band, Jimmy Slevin Band, Remoulds
Brown, Joe: Berwyn, Santa Fe
Brown, John: Berwyn, Ohio 
Brown, Johnny: Magazine, Airchords, Chessmen, Miami, Real McCoy
Brown, Peter: Claxton 
Brown, Mike: Alleykatz, Silhouettes, Lyttle People
Brown, Willie: Berwyn, Reform
Bryan, Mick: Agents, Fairways, Blue Boys
Buckley, Richie: New Blues
Buckley, Roy: Woodchoppers, Fendermen, Signets
Bulfin, John: Royal Aces
Burgoyne, Billy: Hillbillies
Borgoyne, Johnny: Maurice Lynch
Burgoyne, Louis: Conquerors 
Burgoyne, Victor: Des Fretwell
Burke, Davy: Blueshouse
Burke, Fergus: Airchords, Millionaires, Wanderin' Stars, Royal 
Burke, Frankie:  Vienna, Donie Collins
Burke, Gordon: Regent
Burke, Luke:  Hilton
Burke, Pat: Pat Burke 7 
Burke, Ronnie: Des Fretwell  
Burke, Seán: Pat Burke 7 
Burke, Tom: Royal Chords, Big 8
Burke, Tony: Chapter Five, Dixies
Burley, John: Crackaways, Playmates  
Burke, Johnny: California Brakemen
Burns, Alex: Dave Glover, Witnesses 
Burns, Bobby: Des Furlong 
Burns, Mike: Jim Farley, Caroline 
Burns, Paddy: Cadets, Sun Valley Boys  
Burns, Steve: Citie Morgue  
Burns, Trevor: Marvettes
Burroughs, Harry: Madrid, Caroline 
Butler, Aiden: Falcons 
Butler, Johnny: Royal Aces 
Butler, Paul: Chimes, Deep Set 
Butterfield, Roy: Country Folk  
Byrne, Billy: Imperial Imps  
Byrne, Billy: Voxenaires, Cowboys, Mick Delahunty Jnr., Jim Farley  
Byrne, Cara: Swinging Viscounts  
Byrne, Derek: Tomorrow's People 
Byrne, Dermot: Madisons  
Byrne, Don: Cyclones  
Byrne, Eamonn: Flint
Byrne, Fran: Rockhouse, Rollintones, Some People, Creatures, Sands  
Byrne, Fred: Monaco
Byrne, George: Red 7, Columbia 
Byrne, Jim: Gazette
Byrne, John: Spectres  
Byrne, Karen: Soul Foundation  
Byrne, Liam: Mustangs, Niagara 
Byrne, Marian: Boulder Band
Byrne, Martin: Adolf J. Rag
Byrne, Maurice: Regal 
Byrne, Niall: Rollintones, Some People 
Byrne, Noel: Avonairs
Byrne, Paddy: Odeon, Mick Delahunty Jnr.
Byrne, Paddy: Tropical
Byrne, Paddy: Linesmen  
Byrne, Shay: Gazette
Byrne, Tommy: Chimes 
Byrne, Tony: Ned Spoone
Byrne, Vaughan: Echoes, Federals, Jimmy Johnston, Kid Wayne  
Byrne, Vincent: Royal Aces 


Caffrey, Tommy: Strangers
Cahill, Aidan: Boomerangs
Cahill, Damien: Firehouse
Cahill, Michael: Derek Joys
Cahill, Paddy: Panpipers
Cahill, Theo: Dixies
Cahoon, Billy: Satellites
Calders, Jet: Hi-Lows
Caldwell, George: Presidents, Idaho 
Callaghan, Colm: Marines
Callaghan, Peter: Midnighters 
Callaghan, Seán (Jag): Silver Pennies  
Callan, Eamonn: Maurice Lynch
Cameron, Tom: Regent
Campbell, Bobby: Hilton 
Campbell, Eamon: Clubmen, Tigermen   
Campbell, Eddie: Stellas, Federals, Greenbeats, Real McCoy
Campbell, Eric: Martells
Campbell, Jim: Echoes
Campbell, Liam: Young Shadows
Campbell, Martin: American Pie
Campbell, Maureen: Stardust 
Campbell, Ronnie: Presidents
Campbell, Tommy: Regent
Campbell, Wilgar:  Method
Canniffe, Pat: Diplomats
Canning, Aidan: Savoy Swing Seven, Country Folk
Cannon, Eamonn: Headlines
Cannon, Tony: Palladin, Casuals, Homesteaders, Smokeys
Cantillon, Joe: Berwyn 
Cantwell, Jim: Nomads
Cantwell, John: Black Aces
Carrass, Michael: Lions, Teenbeats
Carew, Seamus:  Blue Aces 
Carlin, Hugo: Trend  
Carolan, Larry: Premier Aces
Carr, Alan: Pines, Fugitives, Olahoma, Sahara, Stage 2, Victors
Carr, Brian: Pete Brown, Royal Blues 
Carr, Jimmy: Drags  
Carr, Peter: Some People, Purple Pussycat, Alyce
Carlisle, Jimmy: Deep Joy
Carroll, Bert: Altonaires
Carroll, Doc: Pete Browne, Royal Blues, Nightrunners 
Carroll, Frank: Legionaires
Carroll, Frankie: Problems, Liam Ivory, Ranchers, Big 8
Carroll, John: Transit
Carroll, Johnny: Premier Aces, Swallows, Magic Band 
Carroll, Pat: Navak, Swingtime Aces, Jack Ruane, Cascades, Apaches
Carroll, Seán (Dag): Navak
Carroll, Ted: Caravelles
Carroll, Terry: Olympix
Carson, Billy: Monarchs (Belfast), Swingtime Aces, Ohio
Carson, Carol:  Grenadiers
Carson, Denis: Gaylords
Carson, Jim: Oceans
Carson, Warren: Jimmy Johnston
Carty, Willie: Crystal All-Stars, Conquerors
Carwood, Mick: Others
Casey, Donald: Beaumont 7 
Casey, Gary: Spectres
Casey, Mick: Decca
Casey, Noel: Reform
Cassidy, Austin:  Harmony Heights, The Strangers
Cassidy, Ditch: Kingbees, News, Difference
Cassidy, Donie: Firehouse
Cassidy, Mickey: Barristers
Cassidy, Neil: Teenbeats, Liberation
Cassidy, Noel: Travellers
Catherwood, Maxie: California Brakemen
Catling, Victor: Wheels
Catoire, Tony: Melody Aces
Catterson, Robert: Claxton 
Caulfield, Seamus: Newmen, Sounds, Gentry
Cavanagh, Billy: Imperial Imps
Cazabon, Mike: Philosophers
Cavanagh, Padge: Crackaways
Chanders, Denis: Adelaide
Chapman, Charlie: Flint, Miami 
Chateau, Paul: International
Cheevers, Benny: Intruders, Skid Row 
Cheevers, Charlie: Blue Aces, Donie Collins
Cherry, Dessie: Luvin' Kind
Chesters, Pat: Plattermen, Big 8 
Chetty, Gene: Gents, Lions, Flames
Chisum, Frank: Top 7, Royal
Clabby, Pat: Mustangs
Clancy, Frank: Stylos, Ohio, Magic Band, Fleet
Clarke, Alex: Blueshouse, Aesop's Fables, Greenbeats 
Clarke, Bobby: Fairways, Blue Boys, Virginians
Clarke, Dave: Raydots
Clarke, Derek: Chord-en-Aires 
Clarke, Ian: Raydots, Flair
Clarke, Jim: Spotlights
Clarke, Jimmy: Artones, Jets, Nevada
Clarke, Joe: Dave Glover, Witnesses
Clarke, Tony: Hunters
Cleary, Fergus: Blueglows, Marines, Envoys
Cleary, Michael: Ambassador 7 
Cleary, Pat: Fairways 
Cleary, Tom: Rio
Cleere, Mick: Savoy, Victors
Cleere, Tony: Savoy
Clements, Wilbert: Chord-en-Aires, High Seas  
Clifford, Norman: Country Style, Airchords, Miami
Clifford, Seamus: Laredo
Clince, Alec: Clowns
Close, Dick: Cossacks
Clugson, Ronnie: Cosmos 
Cluskey, Barry: Kings
Coad, John: Avengers, Savoy
Coady, Dave: Atlantic, Walter Lewis, Donie Collins, Real McCoy, Big 8
Coady, Eddie: Blue Eagles
Codd, Martin: Herdsmen
Coffey, Tony: Madrid, Caroline
Colburn, Michael: Trenniers, Carnegie 
Colclough, Beauchamp: Luvin' Kind
Cole, Paddy: Maurice Lynch, Capitol, Big 8
Cole, Phil: Ray Allen, Crickets
Coleman, Gordon: Drifters 
Coleman, Ollie: Paul Antony
Coleman, Tommy: Graduates 
Colgan, Declan: Big Valley, Rascals 
Colhoun, Terry: Polka Dots
Coll, Brian: Polka Dots, Plattermen, Buckaroos
Coll, Frank: Big Valley
Collier, Dennis: Savoy Swing Seven
Collins, Batty: Legionaires
Collins, Donie: Donie Collins
Collins, Patrick: Legionaires, Berwyn
Collins, Ronan: Others, Dickie's Band
Colohan, John: Cordettes, Bermuda, Tides
Columb, Malachy: Ventures
Columb, Patrick: Paramount, Bandits
Columb, Pete: Hi-Lows
Comerford, John: Savoy
Comerford, Pat: Fleetwoods, Derek Joys
Comiskey, Pat: Maurice Lynch
Comiskey, Tony: Oscar Whifney Sound
Compelli, Liam: Young Shadows
Condon, Bob: Farmers Sons
Conlon, Ben: Teenbeats
Conlon, Harry: Travellers
Conlon, Jim: Royal
Conlon, Teresa: Yukons
Conlon, Tommy: Powermen
Conn, Michael: Grafton, Millionaires  
Connaughton: Echoes
Conneely, John: Raindrops
Conneely, Martin: Swingtime Aces 
Connick, Arthur: Black Aces, Tweed 
Connolly, Brendan: Some People
Connolly, Colm: Paramount
Connolly, Frank: Echoes, Just Five
Connolly, Jim: Monarchs
Connolly, Mick: Transit
Connolly, Noel: Problems
Connolly, Sam: Enabarts 
Connolly, Seán: Springfields
Connolly, Seán: Drifters
Connolly, St.John: Aesop's Fables
Connolly, Terry: Trixons
Connor, Arthur: Black Aces
Conroy, Liam: Jivenaires
Conroy, Paul: Heartbeats
Conway, Andy: Oscars
Conway, Jimmy: Bye-Laws, Big 8
Conway, Mickey: Fontana, Green Angels
Conway, Paul: Yaks
Cooke, Dennis: Stardust  
Cooke, Eamonn: Jackpots, Spotlights
Cooke, Jack: Jackpots  
Cooke, Liam: Navak
Cooley, Jimmy: Raindrops 
Cooney, John: Blue Aces
Cooney, Maurice: Grassroots, Poteen, Tomorrow's People, Green County, Red Hurley Band, Bluebirds,, Dazzle Band, Jim Farley, Flash
Cooper, Cyril: Crackaways
Coppinger, Michael: Royal
Coppinger, Tom: Footappers
Corbett, Tim: Johnny McEvoy
Corcoran, Francis: Scarlet Seven 
Corcoran, Tom: Farmers Sons
Corcoran, Tom: Safari
Cordner, Wayne: Newmen
Corlette, Ronnie: Flair 
Corr, Joe: Springfields
Corrigan, Ian: Annalees, Casino, Country Style 
Cosgrove, Johnny: Bandits
Costello, Chris: Dolly Butler 
Costello, Finn: Sleepy Hollow
Costello, Jack: Empire, Granny's Intentions, Jeremiah Henry
Costello, Joe: Donie Collins
Costello, Seamus: Bluebirds
Costigan, Mark: Stepaside
Cotter, Don: Editors: 
Cotter, Jimmy: Jack Brierley, Regal  
Coughlan, Frank: Berwyn, Ohio, Trident, Monarchs
Coughlan, Joe: Ray Allen 
Coulter, Harry: Cossacks
Courtney, Ray: Mad Lads, Prophets
Cousins, Tony: Next In Line
Cowan, Alec: Vienna
Cowan, Peter: Epic, Hilton 
Cowley, Kevin: Drifters
Cox, Jimmy: Arabians
Cox, Pat: Others
Coyle, David: Melody Aces
Coyle, Ollie: Fiesta
Coyle, Ray: Tahiti
Coyne, P.J: Grassband, Arrows, Dickie's Band
Crane, P.J: Rhythm Stars
Cranny, Aidan: Paper Sun, Love Street
Cranny, Alan: Mexicans, Stage 2
Cranny, Shay: Vienna
Crawford, Mervyn: Just Five
Crawford, Neil: Golden Seven
Creagh, Seamus: Coasters, Barristers, Bankers
Crean, Johnny: Scarlet Seven 
Creighan, Brendan: Viceroys 
Creavey, Billy: Luvin' Kind, Sunshine
Creedon, Tim: Orphanage
Creevy, Ronnie: Swallows
Cregan, Jim: Stud
Cregan, Kevin: Madrid, Caroline
Creighton, Eddie: Chessmen, Movement
Creighton, Joe: Doll's House
Creighton, Pete: Johnny Flynn
Cresswell, Pete: Gents, Flames, Skyrockets, Jim Farley, Frank Chisum
Cribben, Shay: Fab 5, Riviera Virginians
Cronin, Bridie: Denis Cronin
Cronin, Gerry: Johnny Flynn, Ohio
Cronin, Mick: Hi-Lites
Crosbie, Paul: Atlantis, Debonaires
Crossan, Pat: Woodchoppers
Crowe, Belle: Melotones
Crowe, Ray: Memories
Crowley, Robin: Orange Machine
Crymble, George: Stratatones
Cull, Willie: Crypt
Cullen, Brendan: Crackaways
Cullen, Dermot: Teenbeats, Greenbeats  
Cullen, Gerry: Royal
Cullen, Noel: Honey Sweet, Adolf J. Rag, Urge
Cullen, Pat (Sonny): Black Aces
Cullen, Paul: Ray Allen 
Cummins, Eamonn: Wild Breed
Cummins, Mick: Alpine 7 
Cummins, Pete: Circle, Granny's Intentions, Freak Show, Grassband, Fleadh Cowboys
Cunningham, Aidan: Blue Boys
Cunningham, Larry: Grafton, Mighty Avons, Blue Boys
Cunningham, Ollie: Hoot'nannys
Cunningham, Tom: Martells
Curlet, Ronnie: Capri 
Curley, Gabriel: Walter Lewis
Curragh, Dave: Dukes
Curran, Davy: Saints
Curran, John: Oscars
Curran, Shay: Pacific
Curran, Harry: Blueglows
Curran, Peggy: Jack Ruane
Curran, Tomás: Blueglows
Curran, Seamus: Blueglows
Currer, Grant: Swingtime Aces 
Curry, Harry: Just Five
Curtin, Alfie: Kerry Blues
Curtin, Billy: Swingtime Aces, Arrivals, Squires
Curtin, D.J: Derek Joys, Kerry Blues, Big 8
Curtin, Glen: Nevada, New Blues
Curtin, Henry (Tombstone): Jimmy Rohan, Jim Farley 
Curtin, John: Crowns, Kerry Blues
Curtis, Gerry: Silver Pennies
Cusack, Ger: Empire
Cushen, Little Jimmy: Countrymen
Cushley, Billy: Breakaways, Signs, Cade's County
Cutland, Freddie: Red 7, Columbia



Dalton, Jim: Barons, Hootenannys, Johnny Flynn, Fleet, Boys 'n' Girls
Dalton, Tony: Blue Aces
Daly, Brendan: Drags
Daly, Frank: Tahiti, Jangle Dangle
Daly, Mick: Sleepy Hollow
Daly, Paddy: Safari, Royal Aces
D'Amery, Norman: Axills, Taste
Daniels, Roly: Memphis, Jim Farley, Green County, Nevada
Darby, Sean: Crypt
Darcy, Billy: Southern Stars
Darcy, Frank: Paragon 7, Clubmen
Davidson, Billy: Big Four
Davis, Dessie: Crackaways
Davis, Jerry: Hi-Lows
Davis, Senan: Warriors, Conquerors  
Davitt, Christy: Davitt Brothers
Davitt, Eddie: Davitt Brothers
Davitt, Liam: Davitt Brothers
Davitt, Richard: Davitt Brothers
Davitt, Seán: Davitt Brothers
Davitt, Thomas: Davitt Brothers
Dawson, Betty: International
Dawson, Derek: Cromwell
Dawson, Johnny: Brendan Shine
Day, Fred: Marvettes
Day, Paddy: Jim Cantwell, Silver Pennies, Wanderin' Stars 
Day, Jimmy: Melochords, Cadets, Virginians
Day, Muriel: Dave Glover  
Dean, Derek: Freshmen
Deane, Ed: Blueshouse, Granny's Intentions
Deane, Mick: Flint
DeBianco, John: Stellas, Emeralds, Seekers
Dee, Alan: Chessmen, Watchtower, Light
Dee, Tricia: Barristers
Deeney, Frank: Johnny Quigley
Deering, Paul: Cyclones 
Deevy, Willie: Melochords, Cadets
Deihy, Eddie: Drifters
Delahunt, Christine: Clowns
Delaney, Bill: Gazette
Delaney, Dermot: Nomads
Delaney, Des: Laredo
Delaney, Frank: Laredo
Delaney, Jimmy: Viceroys
Delaney, Marjorie: Doves, Big 8 
De Lacour, Len: Sleepy Hollow
De Lisle, Ricky: Fendermen, Madrid
Demick, Rod: Wheels
Dempsey, Billy: Kings
Dempsey, Shay: Melochords
Dempster, Brian: Oceans
Dennis, Fran: Lions, Arrows, Red Hurley's Band
Denvir, Philip: Mexicans
Despard, Brian: Dave Prim Band, Medium Wave Band, Jimmy Slevin Band
Devaney, Donie: Purple Pussycat, Good Tymes, Gentry, Dazzle Band 
Devaney, Mickey: Johnny Flynn
Devaney, Tommy: Rockaways, Frielmen, Pete Browne
Devine, Al: Airchords
Devine, Pat: Heartbeats
Devine, John: Melody Aces
Devlin, Austin: Grenadiers
Devlin, Seán: Echoes, Green Angels 
Dickson, Barbara: Maxi, Dick & Twink, Royal
Diffley, Jimmy: Rhythm Stars
Digan, Billy: Crackaways
Dillane, Tom: Black Aces
Dillon, Chas: Emperors
Dillon, Des: Emperors
Dillon, George: Fontana, Green Angels
Ditchfield, Paul: Bats
Divito, Guido: Granny's Intentions
Divito, Paul: Deputies, Interns, Sunshine
Dodd, Albert: Fiesta
Doherty, Bill: Cowboys
Doherty, Bill: Beaumont 7
Doherty, Danny: Railroad
Doherty, Denis: Swinging Viscounts
Doherty, Dermot: Skyrockets, Gents
Doherty, Des: Drifters, Times
Doherty, Harry: Mick Delahunty Jnr.
Doherty, Hugh: Marines
Doherty, James: Playboys
Doherty, Jim: Allegros 
Doherty, Joe: Grafton, Millionaires 
Doherty, John: Bluebirds
Doherty, Michael: Swinging Viscounts
Doherty, Ray: Johnny Quigley, Klass, Big 8, Las Vegas
Dolan, Ben: Drifters 
Dolan, Des: Gents
Dolan, Joe (Galway): Swingtime Aces, Capitol, Sweeney's Men
Dolan, Joe (Mullingar): Drifters
Dolan, John: Alpine 7 
Dolly, Tony: Niagara
Donaghey, Greg: Granny's Intentions, Blue, Times
Donaghey, Gregory: Drumbeats, Polka Dots, Cadets
Donaghy, Brian: Dolls House, Crypt, Alyce, Chips
Donald, Keith: Federals, Greenbeats, Real McCoy, Moving Hearts
Donaldson, Billy: Green County
Donnellan, Benedict: Cordettes, Bermuda
Donnellan, Johnny: Astronauts
Donnellan, Noel: Cordettes, Bermuda, Tides
Donnelly, Christy: Galway Blazers, Astrals, Philosophers
Donnelly, Don: Hilton
Donnelly, Eamonn: Mexicans, Sun Valley Boys
Donnelly, Frank: Claxton 
Donnelly, John: Elmer Fudd, Macbeth, Bananas
Donnelly, Philip: Elmer Fudd
Donnelly, Roy: Viscounts, Johnny Flynn
Donnelly, Twick: Memphis
Donohue, Frank: Astronauts, Swingtime Aces, Works
Donoghue, Jack: Pat Burke 7 
Donoghue, Steve: Ambassador 7,   Donie Collins
Dooley, Cyril: Arabians
Dooley, Jimmy: Arabians
Dooley, Maxie: Arabians
Dooley, Pat: Nomads
Doran, Alan: Boomerangs
Doran, Leo: Plattermen, Tallmen
Doran, Mickey: Clippertones, Hilton
Dorney, Dick: Blackbirds
Douglas, Mike: Swingtime Aces
Douglas, Peter: Banshees, Sinners
Douglas, Ricky: Vanguard Six
Dowdall, Maria: Wheatstone Bridge, Arrows
Dower, Michael: Units, Savoy, Rory O'Connor Chapter
Downes, Tommy: Watchtower
Downey, Brian: Black Eagles, Sugarshack, Thin Lizzy
Downey, Seamus: Tahiti
Doyle, Billy: Millionaires
Doyle, Daire: Memories
Doyle, Dan: Rockaways
Doyle, Danny: Music Box
Doyle, Frank: Jim Farley, Nashville Ramblers 
Doyle, Joe: Harmony Heights
Doyle, John: Dave Moynihan
Doyle, Ken: Boulder Band, Bagatelle
Doyle, Ken: Viceroys 
Doyle, Kenneth: Johnny Flynn, Olly Maloney, Country Folk 
Doyle, Mike: Legionaires  
Doyle, Noel: Chimes 
Doyle, Tony: Creoles, Chimes 
Doyle, Tony: Clefonaires 
Drea, Eddie: Footappers
Drea, Jimmy: Footappers
Drennan, Anto: Flint
Drennan, Liam: Black Aces
Drennan, Tommy: Freshmen, Monarchs  
Drumgoole, Pat: Midnighters 
Drummond, John: Capitol
Duddy, Michael: Sundowners 
Duff, Bobby: High Seas
Duffy, Brendan: Envoys
Duffy, Frances: Newline
Duffy, Gerry: Woodpeckers
Duffy, Gerry: Pasadena
Duffy, Gerry: Scarlet Seven, San Antones   
Duffy, Joe: Carling 
Duffy, P.J: Dominoes, Michael O’Callaghan
Duffy, Paul: Orange Machine, Blue, Alyce, Stage 2
Duffy, Ronnie: Mainliners, Paddy Cole
Duffy, Terry: Ravens
Duffy, Terry: Enabarts, Clipper Carlton
Duffy, Vincent: Peggy's Leg
Duggan, Gerry: Brotherly Love
Duggan, Ian: Brotherly Love
Duggan, John: Avengers, Savoy
Duggan, Joss: Brotherly Love
Duggan, Vincent: Brotherly Love
Duhan, Johnny: Granny's Intentions
Dullard, Tom: Black Aces
Dumpleton, Jimmy: Earl Gill, Pacific
Duncan, Anne: Marines
Duncan, Hugo: Tallmen 
Dunn, Jim: Oceans
Dunne, Andy: Editions, Boys 'n' Girls
Dunne, Anthony: Some People
Dunne, Des: Presidents
Dunne, Jimmy: Fiesta
Dunne, John: Rhythm Stars
Dunne, Mick: Mexicans, Stage 2
Dunne, Mickey: Blue Eagles
Dunne, Reg: Viscounts, Kings, Caroline
Dunne, Vin: Countrymen, Assassins
Dunning, Jim: Bats
Dunny, Duncan: Radio, Farmer's Sons, Liberation
Dunny, Johnny: Radio
Dunphy, Des: Spectres 
Dunphy, Seán: Earl Gill, Hoedowners
Dunphy, Tom: Royal, Big 8
Dunphy, Tommy: Panpipers
Durkin, Ernie: Orange Machine, Blue, Gentry, Stage 2 
Durnin, Peter: Beaumont 7 
Duskey, Pat: Marines
Duff, Bobby: High Seas
Dwyer, Jim: Black Aces, Nomads
Dwyer, John: Safari
Dwyer, Tommy: Voxenaires
Dynes, Terry: Casuals


Earl, John: Memphis
Easton, Robert: Adelaide 
Eccles, Charles: Rhythm Boys 
Eccles, Denis: Rhythm Boys 
Eckstein, Eddie: Bats
Edgecombe, Michael: Clouds (Downpatrick)
Edgely, Peter: Brigadoons
Egan, Colm: Clowns
Egan, Fergus: MV4
Egan, John: Transit
Elias, George: Crypt
Ellis, Danny: Jim Farley, Airchords, Nevada, Miami, Stage 2
Ely, Pat: Smokey Mountain Ramblers, Rocky Tops
Emmett, Christy: Crickets
Erangey, Tony: Brose Walsh, Victors
Espey, Dom: Palladin
Espey, Walter: Regent
Evan-Jones, John: Anno Domini  
Evans, Harry: Some People
Evans, Myron: Arabs



Fagan, Jas: Melochords, Cadets, Sun Valley Boys
Fagan, Seán: Earl Gill, Pacific, Dublin Corporation
Fahy, Frank: Bandits, Raindrops
Fahy, John: Knights
Fahy, Martin: Crystal All-Stars
Fairclough, Paul: Boulder Band, Alias B. Band
Falahee, Mick: Donie Collins
Fallon, Bernie: Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Fallon, John: Harmony Heights
Fallon, P.J: Walter Lewis
Fallon, Paddy: Cordettes, Bermuda
Fandassi, Nino: Paladin
Fanning, Jimmy: Strangers, Arrivals
Fanning, Martin: Pacific
Fardy, Tommy: Derek Joys, Footappers
Farley, Jim: Earl Gill, Jim Farley, Green County
Farmer, Dan: Arabs
Farrell, Billy: Apaches
Farrell, Jody: Hunters
Farrell, John: Dazzle Band
Farrell, John: Dreams, Freedom
Farrell, Kitsy: Echoes
Farrell, Matt: Scarlet Seven 
Farrell, Milo: Echoes
Farrell, Paddy: Diamonds, Clubmen 
Farrell, Pat: Jangle Dangle
Farrelly, Tony: Teenbeats
Farrelly, Peter: Fruupp
Faulkner, Jimmy: Good Tymes, Jangle Dangle, Freak Show
Fayne, Patsy: Exciters, Paddywagon 
Fean, Johnny: Sweet Street, Jeremiah Henry, Horslips
Fee, Tommy: Claxton, Cajun Sound 
Feeley, John: Top 7
Feely, Pat: Jivenaires
Feeney, Gerry: Powermen
Feeney, Joe: Hi-Lows
Feeney, Mike: Virginians
Feeney, Noel: Royal Chords, Cades County
Fennell, Gerry: Blue Notes 
Fennessey, John: Odeon, Jim Farley
Ferguson, Annie: Chips 
Ferguson, Jim: Deep Joy
Ferguson, Matt: Casuals
Fernandez, Joe: Barons
Ferrall, Roger: Silver Aces, Plainsmen
Finlay, Brian: Mighty Avons
Finn, John: Wild Breed
Finnegan, Billy: Downbeats, Billy Walsh Showband, Stagecoach
Fiorentini, Leonora: Johnny Quigley
Fisher, Denis: Emperors, Johnny Quigley
Fisher, Tony: Newmen
Fitzgerald, Eddie: Herdsmen, Champions 
Fitzgerald, Pat: Mick Delahunty Jnr.
Fitzgerald, Frankie: Crowns
Fitzgerald, Ray: Berwyn, Donie Collins, Jim Farley
Fitzgerald, Richard: Vanguard Six
Fitzgerald, Terri: Donie Collins
Fitzgerald, Vincent: Arrans, Teenbeats, Boys
Fitzgibbon, Seán: Mick Delahunty Jnr.
Fitzmaurice, Joe: Airchords 
Fitzpatrick, Andy: Wild Breed
Fitzpatrick, Eamonn: Apaches 
Fitzpatrick, Jimmy: Clubmen
Fitzpatrick, John: Madisons
Fitzpatrick, Leo: Trend, Friends 
Fitzpatrick, Mark: Crypt 
Fitzpatrick, Mick: Knights
Fitzpatrick, Noel: Crackaways
Fitzpatrick, Paddy: Knights
Fitzpatrick, Tommy: Dave Dixon, Swingtime Aces, Kings
Fitzpatrick, Tommy: Carousel 
Flaherty, Tommy: Green County
Flanagan, Don: Royal Blues 
Flavelle, Jackie: Johnny Quigley, Swingtime Aces, Dave Glover, Chris Barber
Fleming, Howard: Presidents  
Fleming, Matt: Countrymen, Assassins
Fleming, Victor: Clipper Carlton
Flood, Dave: Tomorrow's People, Gypsies, Buckshot
Flood, Larry: Royal Earls, Royal Blues, Zulus
Flynn, Brendan: Johnny Flynn
Flynn, Charlie: Paragon 7
Flynn, Davy: Immediate, Impact
Flynn, Francie: Johnny Flynn
Flynn, Jimmy: Supreme, Olly Maloney
Flynn, Joe: Saints
Flynn, Johnny: Johnny Flynn
Flynn, Louie: Concords 
Flynn, Martin: Avengers, Footappers
Flynn, Tommy: Majorca, Conquerors
Fogarty, Mick: Southern Stars
Foley, Billy: Bridesiders
Foley, Billy: Bridesiders
Foley, Gerry: Riviera
Foley, Jimmy: Derek Joys
Foley, John: Diplomats
Foley, Liam: Dolly Butler, Donie Collins
Foley, Michael: Tropical
Foley, Tom: Creoles, Chimes, Paladin, Transit 
Foran, Gerry: Paragon 7
Ford, Tony G: Seekers
Ford, Tony: Black Knights  , Tweed
Fortune, Pat: Sugarshack
Fox, Frankie: Skyrockets
Fox, Mattie: Grassroots
Fox, Patrick: Midnighters  
Fox, Tony: Big Valley
Foye, Martin: Fruupp
Frampton, Clarke: Cousins 
Francis, Danny: Mexicans 
FrancIs, Marie: Senators, Idaho
Frawley, Brendan: Embers, Bojangle
Frawley, John: Monarchs 
Frawley, Paddy: Editions
Frazer, Billy: Satellites
Freeney, Paddy: Alyce, Brogue
Friel, Charlie: Rhythm Aces, Playboys
Frizzell, Tom: Satellites
Frost, Tom: Berwyn, Embers, Bojangle  
Fullard, Cyril: Galway Blazers, Astrals, Olly Maloney, Philosophers
Fullerlove, John: Mad Lads, Prophets
Fullerton, Leslie: College Boys
Furlong, Tony: Dave Moynihan
Fusco, Norman: Carpetbaggers


Gaffney, Des: Roach Band
Galbraith, Michael: Swinging Viscounts
Gallagher, Columba: Columba Gallagher Band 
Gallagher, Gerry: Magic Band, Kim Newport Band
Gallagher, Jimmy: Rhythm Boys 
Gallagher, Larry: Pines
Gallagher, Michael: Palladin
Gallagher, Rory: Fontana, Impact, Taste
Gallagher, Seán: Green County
Gallagher, Tony: Trenniers, Gents  
Galvin, Frank: Seven Seas, Atlantic
Galway, George: Santa Fe 
Gannon, Gerry: Swingtime Aces, Cowboys, Tweed
Gannon, Tony: Difference, Uptown Band, Grassband 
Garford, George: Telstars, Stellas, Seekers
Garvey, Pat: Scarlet Seven 
Gault, Jackie: High Seas
Gaynor, David: Angel
Gaynor, Jimmy: Angel
Geary, Paddy: Bridesiders
Geoghegan, Joe: Atlantis, Debonaires, Dreams
Geraghty, Carl: Orphanage, Urge, Bananas, Victors
Geraghty, Gerry: Magic Band
Geraghty, Martin: Country Style, Mighty Avons, Bluebirds
Geraghty, Tony: Honey Sweet, Adolf J. Rag, Miami 
Gibney, Eamonn: Dead Centre, Purple Pussycat, Alyce, Brogue, Allies, Arrows
Gibson, Fergus: Memphis, Odeon, Clubmen 
Gibson, Frank: Olympix, Intruders
Gibson, Jimmy: Peggy's Leg
Gibson, Ken: Express 
Gibson, Liam: Huston
Gilbert, Liz: Soul Foundation
Gilchrist, Joe: Teeveetones 
Gilchrist, Steve: Heartbeats, Arrows 
Gildea, Neily: Victors
Gilheaney, Joey: Drifters, Times 
Gilmore, Billy: Regent
Gill, Earl: Hoedowners
Gill, Frank: Pete Brown, Royal Blues 
Gill, Mike: Jackpots
Gill, Vincent: Pete Brown, Royal Blues 
Gillen, Pete: Bridesiders
Gillen, Roddy: Savoy Swing Seven
Gillespie, Joe: Chord-en-Aires, Cosmos 
Gillespie, John: Hound Dog Tate, Liberation, Scrooge
Gilligan, Michael: Blue Aces, Royal
Gilmore, Colm: Sundowners
Gina (Mary Hurley): Herdsmen, Champions
Given, Damian: Sounds, American Pie, Tallmen
Glackin, Alex: Regent, Palladin
Glackin, Brian: Regent
Glancy Sean: Sandmen, Coasters
Gleeson, Joe: Mustangs
Gleeson, Pat: Laredo 
Glynn, Paddy: Royal Blues, New Blues
Glynn, Seán: Swingtime Aces
Godfrey, Brian: Alleykatz
Goode, Mick: Trixons
Goode, Mick: Big Yobbo, Ned Spoon
Gordon, Peter: Madisons
Gorman, Dave: Jangle Dangle
Gorman, John: Crackaways
Gormley, Linda: Stardust 
Gormley, Patricia: Stardust 
Gormley, Michael: Swing Earls
Gormley, Patsy: Claxton 
Gormley, Tony: Stardust  
Gorry, Norbert: Crackaways
Gourley, Raymond: Sounds
Grace, Chris: Blue Clavons, Donie Collins, Raindrops
Grace, Jim: Voxenaires, Cowboys
Graham, Austin: Donie Collins
Graham, Colm: Virginians
Graham, Dave: People
Graham, Dermot: Savoy
Graham, Ernie: People, Eire Apparent
Graham, Gerry: Navak
Graham, Jackie: Woodlanders 
Graham, Richard: Navak:
Grant, Gary: Roadrunners
Grant, Johnny: Carousel, Kamels, Donie Collins
Gray, Lenny: Jimmy Sturrock, Comets
Gray, Peter: Black Knights
Gray, Peter: Enabarts 
Greally, Jimmy: Orange Machine, Johnny McEvoy
Greenaway, Sam: Candy
Greene, Bat: Dublin Showband
Greene, Derek: Axills
Greene, Dominic: Flint, Memories
Greene, Paddy: Majestic, Paragon 7
Greene, Paul: International, Cadets
Greene, Steve: Strands 
Greer, Ronnie: Secrets
Gregan, Kevin: Jim Farley, Caroline 
Gregory, Alan: Odeon
Grey, Billy: Grenadiers, Laganmen
Grey, Seán: Mustangs
Grey, Sidney:  Huds
Griffin, Seán: Ambassador 7 
Griffin, Tommy (Dublin): Atlantis, Debonaires
Griffin, Tommy (Tralee): Kerry Blues
Griffiths, Liam: Johnny Quigley
Griffiths, Ronnie: Mighty Avons, American Pie, Driftwood
Grundy, Alan: Ned Spoon
Guest, Len: Strangers, Lollipops
Guinane, Mick: Swingtime Aces, Donie Collins, Tony Stevens
Gunner, Jim: Swingtime Aces, Dave Glover, Clipper Carlton
Gunning, Ray: Some People
Guthrie, Noel: Rhythm Aces, Hoedowners
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