The band members in the top photograph with the band wearing white suits are as follows: Left to right - Bryce Norrie (stage name Mark Price, lead vocals), George Doherty (band leader, keyboards and vocals), Davy Smyth (saxophone and lead vocals), Sammy Greenaway (trumpet), Stuart Bingham (lead guitar), Barry Patterson (drums), Ray Toal (bass guitar and vocals).

The bottom picture - left to right is George Doherty, Davy Smyth, Bryce Norrie,  Sammy Greenaway, Ray Toal, Barry Humphreys, Stuart Bingham.

I played saxophone and was a lead vocalist in Candy in the '70s. I am currently playing in a duo called Logic with my wife Valerie. We are based in England and are playing clubs all over the UK. Yours, Davy Smith.

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From  Larne, County Antrim

Vocals: Bryce Norrie (Mark Price)
Lead Guitar: Stuart Bingham
Bass: Ray Toal
Trumpet: Sammy Greenaway
Sax/Vocals: Davy Smyth
Piano/Organ: George Doherty
Drums: Barry Patterson
Manager: Cecil Thompson
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