The Cymbals Showband

from Natasha Hynes:

"My father was Robert (Bertie//Bobby the latter mainly used in the UK) Keating who was the Cymbals Showband drummer.

For the whole of my life, up until he passed, I only ever knew him to be 'the' lead singer/drummer of a band. - And that was in London with the three bands he was with over the years. The 'Wagon Wheels', was one of the most popular and well known one.

He was in a couple of other bands in London, prior to my birth in 1970. One such band was 'Art Supple's' Showband. He was Art's drummer and lead singer. He actually met my mother in Art's Showband, when she later joined them as a singer

Growing up, our life, very much revolved around the 'London Irish Music Community'. I was always very proud of how everyone knew and liked him. Music really was his gift and he gave it to all who came to hear his bands music. My mother told me daddy was also a session drummer for the likes of Big Tom, Anne Breen, Philomena Begley, The Indians, to name but a few. That's why they were all like aunties and uncles to me as a kid when I was around them.

My father made one of my childhood dreams come true in 1997, when he brought his band over from London to play at my wedding here in Ireland. Of course Henry Harrington and his lovely wife, also came my wedding. (I'm sure any child of a musician dreams of having their parent play at their wedding, I always did).

Both my father and I, returned home to Ireland in 1998. Sadly, my dad passed away a few years later on the 24th January 2004,. He was laid to rest in his hometown Ballyporeen, with my grandparents. He is still missed greatly, not only by myself, but also by his family and friends. May he rest in peace. Knowing my dad, and his voice, I'm sure he would have also sung with the Cymbals too.

Accordionist Jackie Daly was also part of the Cymbals Showband at one stage, having answered an advertisement in the Cork Examiner, when the band advertised for an accordionist. He later played with Arcady and DeDanann.

from Kilworth, Co. Cork

Lead Vocals: Ronnie Dawson
Lead Guitar: Patsy O'Brien
Bass: Mick English
Sax/Clarinet: Henry Harrington
Trumpet: Gerry Mortimer
Drums: Bertie Keating
Organ/Piano: Chris Hayes
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