I'm sure there's a place in the entertainment world for a precocious teen with a fringe but it sure isn't travelling around the country in a bandwagon in the early hours, unchaperoned, with seven males in their twenties. Ireland has seen its share of gimmick bands, e.g: Tarzan and the Monkeys, The Clowns, The Black & White Dixie Minstrels, The Hollywood Stars, even The Indians and The Cowboys but Harvest was a major GIMMICK band who actually expected to be taken seriously.

Connie Lynch poured money into his questionable idea to build a showband around a 14-year old named Mary and added 'Lou' to her name to create a cutesy, Shirley Temple style 'star'. With expensive stage-outfits and slick promotional material and a kid singing about teddy-bears and her Mama and Daddy, no questions were asked. Harvest was nothing but a sad story of exploitation in pursuit of money and is probably best forgotten.

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