The Victors, Youghal

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Two top sax-players, Chris St.Leger and Len McCarthy teamed up with Johnny Sweeney to form the brass section of a new showband in Cork in 1964. Chris had played with The Regal and The Derek Joys while Len had come from The Regal and doubled on bass. Lead guitarist was Wolfgang Nordt from Stuttgart, Germany. Waterford man Mick Cleere came from The Savoy Showband, played guitar and doubled on trombone while drummer Tony Erangey had laid down the beat with Corkís Butter Exchange Brass & Reed Band.

All The Victors needed now was a dynamic, versatile lead vocalist. Art Supple was working on his fatherís farm, just outside Youghal by day and singing with a semi-professional band, The Pat Irwin All-Stars who played relief to all the big bands at The Red Barn, Youghal, when he was approached to audition for The Victors. The handsome six-footer sang a few songs made popular by his idol, Brendan Bowyer and he was immediately offered the job.

Based in Youghal, Co. Cork

Lead Vocals: Art Supple / Pat McGeegan / Des Smyth
Lead Guitar: Wolfgang Nordt / Jim Prendergast
2nd Guitar: Mick Cleere
Bass: Joe Prendergast
Trumpet: Johnny Sweeney / Alan Carr
Sax/Clarinet: Chris St.Leger / Len McCarthy / Arthur O'Neill
Trombone: Mickey Brennan
Drums: Tony Erangey / Des Hopkins
Organ/Piano: Brendan O'Carroll


1965: Showbands On Parade / If She Asks - Rex R11008
1965: La Yenka / New Orleans - Rex R11014
1966: What Time Will Santa Be Coming? / Danny Dear - Rex R11016
1972: Offaly The Champions / The Little Shirt Me Mother Made For Me - Play PLAY12
1972: Plaisir D'Amour / Once Upon A Time Again - Play PLAY16

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