The Young Stars, Antrim

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By Paul Mulholland: I played bass with a band in 1968-70 called the Red Barons. The five members lived in the same village of Armoy Co Antrim, two of my brothers Harry and Barney Mulholland, the two other members were cousins Malachy and Jimmy Laverty. Barney who has sadly passed away.

In 1970 we formed a showband called The Young Stars. Three other members joined us - Joe Brown from Castledawson, Andy Bradley rom Ballyronan and Eddie Lennox from Antrim. We played the showband circuit until 1972-73

When the country scene came in we were back to our original line up and added another member Michael Kennedy from Armoy who played fiddle and keyboards. We called the band the Glen Country. We played the circuit north and south and played the Irish clubs in England usually around St. Patrick's Day.

We continued to play until 1975-76 when we broke up and continued to play in different groups. During our showband days there were many late nights and early mornings. We had day jobs as well but it was a very special time with wonderful memories.

Vocals: Barney Mulholland
Lead Guitar:
Malachy Laverty
2nd Guitar:
Harry Mulholland
Paul Mulholland
Sax/Clarinet: Joe Brown / Andy Bradley
Jimmy Laverty
Eddie Lennox
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