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The British release of The Regal Showband's "I Need You" was on Decca. In Ireland it was on the Decca subsidiary, Emerald   Decca's promo labels had navy and white artwork with a different Decca logo
One of the best singles ever from an Irish band, Granny's Intentions were on Deram.   The first ever release on the Dolphin label.
Another design from Dolphin, Tralee's Vanguard Six.   The dolphin grew on the later Dolphin design!
This release by Tweed was the 11th single on the small Drive label.   Denver had mostly country bands on their books including Big Tom & The Mainliners.
I don't know anything about this label!   The first release on the Dolphin Group's Dara label
Delysť catered mainly for classical artistes   Information on this label would be welcome.

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