E          Emerald      Ember      EMI      Envoy
Emerald, a subsidiary of Vogue Records, a Belfast-based label changed their label artwork quite often.    The Black Aces and The Regal Showband were two of their first signings
Green was always featured in the Emerald label designs.   Quite a few Northern Ireland acts recorded on the Emerald label.
In the mid-70s, Emerald introduced a teal-coloured design on their label.   Black or white lettering on a green background was the Emerald design in the late '60s.
The Times were one of the EMI labels Irish acts.   Dermot O'Brien and his Clubmen were Envoy's biggest seller in Ireland.
The Monarchs were the only Irish showband on the Ember label    
F         Flame   Fixed Wheel    Fable    Fiona
Striking minimalist artwork on the small independent Flame label   The very rare Fixed Wheel private label
The first release on Fable written by two members of The Memories   Brian O'Reilly was the leader of Loudest Whisper

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