Formed by Johnny Carroll and Joe O'Neill from the ashes of Murphy & The Swallows. The original 'Magic' was Kevin Walsh, a brother of Nevada trumpeter, Willie Walsh. Magic No.2 was a former cop from Donegal, Con Ward.

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Based in Galway

Lead Vocals: Magic (Kevin Walsh / Con Ward)
Lead Guitar:
Mike Mannion, Gerry Gallagher, Gerry Kelly
2nd Guitar:
Don Woods, Eddie Keating
John McKenna / Finian Thomas / Dean Lane / Padraig Crehan
Joe Bernie>Trumpet: Johnny Carroll
Mickey Belton
John Murphy / Frank Clancy / Gabriel Donohue
Noel Carty
Discography: (see below)

Front: Johnny Carroll, Magic (Kevin Walsh) Mickey Belton; Back: Dene Lane, Mike Mannion, Gabriel Donohue

Magic Band Discography - 7" / 45 r.p.m.

Calendar Girl / Boney Moroney - Play Records - PLAY 78
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / The Last Time - PLAY 83
Run Samson Run / To Whom It Concerns - PLAY 87
Water Under The Bridge / Twisting The Night Away - PLAY 92
Loving You / Things - PLAY 100
Lend A Hand To Someone This Christmas / Above and Beyond - PLAY 108
Secret Love / Cradle Rock - PLAY 114
Fiesta De La Playa / You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance - PLAY 123
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands / Blue Midnight - PLAY 128
I Am A Cannibal / The Last Time - PLAY 148

From left: Joe Bernie, Johnny Carroll, Mickey Belton, Frank Clancy, Finian Thomas, Mike Mannion

Con Ward replaced Kevin Walsh as 'Magic' in 1979

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